Friday, April 30, 2021

The Beauty of You: A Love Note from Your Body

by Brittiney George


You are a beautiful imperfection.

I know that makes you uncomfortable, because you want to be perfect. child.  I do not work in perfection.


Perfection assumes completion.  But how can you be complete when the world around you, and in you, is full of so many glorious options for miraculous change?


I work in magical mysteries, in awe-inspiring moments of truth and clarity.

I commend you for wanting to better yourself.  But I ask you to try not to perfect yourself.

That implies you are flawed.

You are not flawed.


You are a colorful mosaic reflecting the experiences of your life.

Instead of berating yourself for all that you do not know;

Breathe. Listen. Explore with me.


You are more than a number on a scale, a title in a job, the pain or fear that you feel.


You are a gift.

If you don’t believe me, journey with me.

Let me show you how amazing and resilient you truly are.


Brittiney George, BS, CST-PRO, ICI, CEIM, is a Movement Practitioner and Somatic Therapist specializing in Transformative Touch and is a faculty trainer and mentor for The Somatic Therapy Center.  She is also the creator of the comic  Her areas of specialty include working with highly sensitive persons (HSP’s), and helping people feel unstuck when they feel bogged down by life.  For information contact Brittiney at 610-389-7866 or 


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