Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Welcoming Anjana Deshpande!

We are happy to announce that Anjana Deshpande, LCSW, has joined the community of healing arts professionals with their practices at The Resiliency Center.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Poetry Therapist, Anjana works with a wide variety of individuals, and finds several ways to use Therapeutic Writing Techniques to help empower her clients.

A certified Journal To The Self ™(JTTS ) instructor since 2001, Anjana has used writing with veterans, older adults, and adolescents. She has published papers about her work with the veterans and the elderly, and has given several workshops based on JTTS. She works with both clients as well as clinicians who wish to get acquainted with the transformative power of writing.

Anjana works with trauma survivors, grief and loss issues, relationships and life transitions. 

To learn more about her therapy work, therapeutic writing programs, or to schedule an initial session, contact Anjana at 610-506-2861 or

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