Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Life (Easter 2011) by Dean Solon

a meeting and merging of vision with precision and a big sky view.

an experiencing of the whole shebang in its infinite variety and definitive exactitude.

is seeing what is and what is to be without attaching to outcome or addicting to process (and performance).
is living wthout limits, living with restraint (and integrity).
is living with all seeming paradoxes and without confusion.
is a path requiring practice and purpose, and humility.
is a way of walking as shaman-self and as spiritual friend.
is a journey of participating in time and space without adhering to time and space.
is a coming to personal realizatiom and liberation, to awakening and enlightenment, and is a coming to compassion for all living beings, in any and every form and expression.
is offering and receiving gentleness with oneself.
is attaching no importance to any of all of this.
is being here and now, and being anywhen and everywhere.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day by Dean Solon

one hand on the earth.

one hand on the earth, which grounds us, supports us, graces us with life and with presence. 

one hand resting on the earth, provider of sustenance, provider of constant companionship during all the moments of our being alive, here.

sitting quietly on the earth, breathing, breathing, feeling a resonating, feeling a connecting and a connection. 

sitting quietly, here, now, every day an earth day.

sitting quietly, witnessing the mystery of this, offering gratitude for this.

sitting quietly, one hand on the earth.