Friday, April 24, 2020

The Inner Ocean #2

by Dean Solon

"Those who look out to sea become the sea,
and they can't speak about that. On the beach
there's desire singing and rage-ranting,
the elaborate language-dance of personality,
but in the waves and underneath there's no volition,
no hypocrisy, just love forming and unfolding."   (Rumi)

i wonder about everything
i wander around everything

i am in awe of everything.
the wildness in me refuses to submit to anything.
yet i do submit, i do surrender,
because i am a devoted one.
nothing needs to change to my liking...
because i am moved by everything.

i walk the worlds, learning, discerning.
i walk this world, in Astonishment.
no wishes are granted to me,
because i wish for nothing...
nothing besides this one:
that we cease destruction, cease obliteration,
cease the excuse of being triggered as an explanation
for projecting hatred and violence onto the world around us.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Meeting

by Dean Solon

sitting...with an intention of an integrating understanding...

to be living with the grief, which may include the revulsion,
of living here on the earth with the activity and the phenomena,
the wildness and craziness,
the harsh and harrowing experience it can be
to be living with the embracing of being here on the earth-plane,
with the richness of being alive in human form,
with the peace and the love and the mercy that comes to me
and that i may bring to the world of form and manifestation.  

i may be filled with sadness and sorrow, and righteous anger,
i may be filled with joy and bliss, and ecstatic vision.

i am to be accepting and surrendering,
finding the experience of feeling safe
in a world of impermanence and change and chaos
that is "not safe".

the greeting and welcoming of the orgasmic inner world
the organic outer world,
the meeting of wonder and whirlwind, of grace and gravity.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

The Inner Ocean

by Dean Solon

the inner ocean.
the expanse within, the depth within.
the universe within.
the waves of the inner ocean.  the wind.
the core, the center, the crux of the matter.
the solar plexus, the belly, the navel, the lower dantian.
i am moved to be there.  to be here.
to be.

the inner ocean.
the living presence, the source of energy.
bliss, ecstasy, rapture
flowing through me,
blowing through me.
even when i am not consciously aware of the inner ocean,
am not experiencing bliss, ecstasy, rapture,
it is here, i am here, You are here.
eternal.  primordial.
Path and Presence.
the ocean within and the ocean across the street,
each is and both are grace and gravity,
sensitivity and Shiva.

the waves of the ocean splashing and crashing on the shoreline...
and receding.
as the breath is...
rising and falling.
the outer banks
and the inner treasure[s].
each of it and all of it
an Astonishment.
each of us and all of us
an Astonishment.

today, the ocean a little calmer.  the waves, the wind, the sky, the sand,
an Astonishment.