Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Reminder, A Review by Dean Solon

what each of us is seeking, is always here, has always been here.  the light shines in you and through you, the warmth radiates in you and through you.  as you proceed on the life journey, an openness and a spaciousness unfolds, and a place of centering becomes "available" to you.  this place, this space, includes experiences of feeling you are waking up, includes experiences of feeling connected and connecting, includes experiences of being saved (of feeling "i was lost, and now, i'm found").

what each of us is seeking, is always here, has always been here.  you are a jewel.  you are a a sea of jewels.  your experience of living, of being, becomes more in and of the present moment, allowing a possibility of more sensitivity, more intensity, and---thank God---more patience, more tolerance, and more humor with your own predicament, and with the predicamant of others.

what you are seeking, is always here, has always been here.  like all other human beings, you are never more than a moment away from awakening into clarity, bliss...

let's sit with this...

be with this...


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Poetry by Dean Solon

the universe is poetry, and we who are humans find poetry demanding, and difficult to process and understand.

we feign ignorance, pretend to be asleep, because we are hiding...we are running [away]...we are addicting to drugs or drama.

we are anxious that we will be found, will be discovered, will be judged harshly
OR will be re-awakened and be reminded
AND will remember who we are:
magicians in a world of magic,
each of us with wands, casting spells and uttering oaths
and waking up princesses and princes from deep sleeps
to remember who they are:
prophets, shamans, teachers, poets,
so that they---we---may understand the universe,
which is poetry.