Monday, January 18, 2021

Blessings during these uncertain times - by Kathy Krol

For what are you most grateful as you look back over the year and why? That I persevered and came through all the challenges still feeling blessed in my life and even more grateful for what I have present in my life.

What did you take for granted this year? Challenges to preserving "Our Democracy" and following the constitution. I never expected in a civilized country like ours to see the turmoil and violence this past year. I am grateful for those who exercised their freedom of speech in peaceful demonstrations and protests.


What did this reveal to you about yourself and your presence in the world? I like the comfort of familiarity of my daily life and when the world like my country seems in order. I am able to shift and adapt even though it is not easy at times. We are all needed and together contribute to the tapestry of this world.


What new hobby or old pastime did you take up or revive during the months of lockdown? I have always enjoyed walking and nature watching, just had more time to slow down and enjoy it.


Was there an unexpected joy that you experienced during this time? More time at home to enjoy moments with nature, watching the birds and small animals. Feeling love and care of family and friends through a difficult health crisis.


What is the most important thing that the year of Covid 19 has taught you? The value of health and loved ones. To take each day as it comes, go with the flow when plans change, let go what we can't control.


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