Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Creating a Vision – and a Vision Board – for Your Life

by Elizabeth Venart

As children, we naturally express ourselves through art, stories, and building imaginary worlds. We enjoy the process of creating.  We are all born creative beings and our lives are outward manifestations of that innate creativity. We create our lives one moment, one decision, one day at a time. When we desire change, we are acknowledging our creative potential, our power to envision and move towards a new reality. Rather than write down a checklist of tasks we think will bring about the change, why not play our way there? Through visualization, we can access our deepest desires and dreams for the future. 

A Vision Board makes the dreams more concrete, engages our playful spirit, and is usually a lot more fun than a list of “to do” items, “shoulds”, or “should nots.”  A vision board is a collection of pictures, words, and images representing all that you desire in your ideal future—from specific things like a car, vacation, and massage to symbolic images like a calm lake for serenity and a picture of two people laughing for a healthy relationship. To create your vision board, gather old magazines, scissors, posterboard, and glue—then rip out words, pictures, and images that appeal to you. The focus of your board can be very specific (my ideal relationship or my dream job) or more general (my ideal life in five years). As you place your words and images on the board, be sure to include a photo of yourself. Then, write the statement, “I deserve all this and better,” and sign and date this fabulous blueprint for your future. Hang it at eye level where you will see it daily, and you will find that your life begins to move closer to the vision you have created. To track all the miracles as they unfold, you may want to keep a journal or write positive observations and dates on the back of the board itself.  With a clear, creative vision in front of you, it is much easier to recognize evidence of the positive changes unfolding. Dream big, have fun, embrace your creative potential!

To learn more, read this article that explains the reason vision boards really do work and provides more details for how to create one [Insert link to:]

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