Wednesday, October 24, 2018

What role does inspiration play in your life? Your work?

Reflections from the Community of Practitioners at The Resiliency Center:

Brittiney George –  I'm inspired by my clients...their strength, resilience, and hearts and tapping in to things that personally inspire me helps me to show up in my work and my life with wonder and curiosity and keeps me motivated when things feel hard.

Elizabeth Campbell – What I find inspiring is being on the journey with a client when they move through a challenge that has been a struggle for them in the past.  I also find the joy that children bring to every moment very inspiring!

Rachel Kobin – The only addition to the bumper of my car is a magnet with the word “inspire.” The word itself comes from the latin inspirare, which translates as “to breathe into.” As a leader of creative writing workshops, and as an editor, “ I breathe into the embers of writers’ imaginations to unleash the fire that already existed inside them. Inspiring others is my purpose. 

Elizabeth Venart – Inspiration is the fuel that keeps me resilient in my work and life. I am inspired and awed by the resiliency of people to overcome hardship, heal, and find new meaning and joy following extremely painful experiences in life. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the privilege of doing the work I do. My work inspires me as I witness courage, truth, triumph over adversity, transformation of pain into freedom, peace, meaning, and joy.

Heather Hill - When I witness kindness and compassion between clients in group, clients who are overcoming adversity and demonstrating courageous vulnerability, I am inspired to continue working in this field.  I often get inspired by my individual clients, with histories of childhood trauma and neglect, who demonstrate incredible resiliency and are committed to raise their children with love, devotion, and the fierce belief that they can do better than their parents did. Their courage in working through their traumas and untangling the impact of the past on the present inspires me to work hard and believe that goodness can prevail.

Tracie Nichols - Inspiration is a primary motivator for me in both life and work. 

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