Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Weight Remains by Dean Solon

rumi:  "last year, i gazed at the fire.
              this year i'm burnt kebob."

this morning am awaking with this:
You have finished me off.
You have completed the work on me.
You have completed the work in me.
reconstruction---inclusive of construction and deconstruction---is done.
a project over [under sideways up and down] with,
and within.
here i am, Your clay toy, Your play boy,
blown open, highly sensitized.
am on the living, breathing floor.
am on the killing floor,
not knowing what hit me.
knowing full well what hit me.
You never absent, an activity of presence,
a full force gale,
concluding a work in progress.

i never saw You coming.
i am seeing You, am hearing You,
am feeling You, here.
i not knowing what hit me,
knowing full well what hit me.

blown open,
whereabouts unknown.

this morning, am awake with this:
am washed ashore,
an ocean crossing
leaving a body
crawling on the sands,
no footholds,
no feet!  no ground, no floor,
only these shifting sands
bearing what weight remains.

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