Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tapping Your Way to Emotional Resiliency By Delia Nessim

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, or tapping), has recently been featured on Dr. Oz, but there are still some who have not heard of it yet. Tapping is a technique that calms the nervous system and balances the natural flow of energy. It is extremely easy to learn and do anywhere and anytime. Tapping is a powerful tool that is completely safe and effective at improving a broad range of issues including physical pain, stress, phobias/fears and emotional traumas.

Basically, it is a matter of tapping your fingers on certain spots on the face (called meridian endpoints). The tapping is combined with thoughts and words that allow the feelings to be expressed and released. As a therapist, I am very excited about this technique because I like to see my clients feel better quickly. Tapping is used to help relieve trapped emotions from past experiences but it is also very effective at alleviating strong emotions such as anger, frustration or sadness, right on the spot. This is important because so many of our negative core beliefs occur when a connection is made between the experience and the powerful emotions that accompany the event. If people can stop the emotions from reinforcing the negative thoughts, those thoughts will eventually lose their power. In other words, your buttons are less likely to get pushed.

Tapping is an especially great tool for parents to teach children. It is so harmless that parents can tap lightly on an upset child while speaking softly and validating their feelings. Getting into the habit of tapping early and often serves to let those negative emotions dissipate quickly before more harm is done by acting on the emotions. In addition, I like the idea of children learning to use this technique because they can prevent a lot of limiting beliefs early on by not allowing an emotional upset to contribute to a low self-image. This is a wonderful, self-soothing technique that can build resiliency in a child. A quick caveat...If the parent is upset with the child, the parent should tap on him or herself first to get rid of the anger, then tap on the child (the oxygen mask rule applies here).

If this has piqued your interest please come and join Delia Nessim on Monday, September 23rd at 7 PM for a free workshop. Delia will describe the process of tapping, how it works and why it works. This will be an interactive workshop that will show the participants firsthand how quickly emotions can be released. We will also discuss how tapping can help you get more out of your affirmations and achieve your goals. So if you are a parent who would like to have this important tool to help with your children or if you are a person who has difficulty coping with your own emotions, this workshop might just change your life.

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