Saturday, October 13, 2012

Suns by Dean Solon

sitting straight, without being rigid, allowing the body to be firmly...and lightly...planted on the earth, your eyes closing gently, your hands resting easily, your heart softening, your mind lightening.  sensing your body, allowing a softening of any tension(s).  letting go of any thoughts and any plans.

as much as is possible, let your natural breathing guide you into simple presence...maintaining gentle, nonjudgmental awareness, moment after moment...allowing, spontaneously, a shifting from doing to being...
there is no right or wrong here, no success or failure, just exploring...just being...allowing your presence to accommodate, to include, whatever is arising...

rumi's poetry:  "it's not a kingdom like any you know,
                                 the kingdom of God that's within you,
                                 but hundreds and thousands of kingdoms."
hundreds and thousands of suns, shining brilliantly, within you.

dedicating to spirit.  re-dedicating to spirit.
this earth.  this earth. 
you, committing to spirit,
connecting with the wisdom teachings, with the Masters,
you living with hundreds and thousands of suns,
shining brilliantly.
hundreds and thousands of suns, shining brilliantly, within you.

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