Sunday, September 30, 2012

Silence by Dean Solon

clouds passing across the big sky.
mind-forms informing, re-forming.  mind-forms disintegrating, evaporating.
in this space, perpetually and eternally under the orange-red sun in the center of the big blue sky, there is nothing to be forgiven, nothing to be forgiving. 
          all there is
          is God,
          within and without.  all there is
                                                    is God,
                                                    within and without.
all else is included,
all else is nothing
other than illusion,
other than distraction
and drama
and wrestling.
           release, relief, resurrection, redemption.
           connecting with all there is
           ...God, within and without.
           recreating and renewing
holding to the hem of the garment
holding to the hem of the garment
holding lightly, holding loosely
holding loosely, holding lightly
           loosening the ties to limitation,
           opening mind, opening heart
           as presence, your presence.
           all presents.

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