Thursday, October 27, 2011

Do you like to crochet or knit? Do you want to learn? We need your help making lap blankets for nursing home residents

The Resiliency Center Knitting Circle is working on a project to deliver 180 lap blankets (36” x 36”) to patients in a local Nursing Home. Lap blankets benefit nursing home patients by providing physical and emotional warmth. They are a wonderful way to show love and support for someone in need of a warm hug every day.   

The mother of someone in our Knitting Circle inspired this project.  She spent the last three months of her life in a nursing home.  She was more fortunate than most.  Her family visited throughout the week and gave her love and care she needed.  As I’m sure you know, others are not as fortunate and do not have the benefit of care and visits from relatives and friends.  Although we cannot take the place of a caring family, we can show love to these individuals by providing them with a colorful blanket as a reminder that someone cares.

We are asking volunteers to knit or crochet washable lap blankets that are 36" x 36". Any colors, patterns, needle sizes are welcome. Just let your imagination and kind heart go wild.

Lap blankets completed so far have been crocheted (using a basic granny square) or knitted in panels that were joined after completion.  Any pattern you choose would be great. If you prefer, rather than knitting or crocheting a blanket of 36” x 36”, you can knit or crochet blocks of 12" x 12" and we will combine them with other squares we receive. There are web sites available on the internet such as with step-by-step instructions for learning to knit and crochet, along with patterns for all levels. Or, better yet, join us on the second Saturday of the month and we would love to teach you! Please register by logging in to:  

Your lap blankets can be dropped off or mailed to:  

Jen Fusco Perry, LPC
The Resiliency Center   
602 S. Bethlehem Pike    
Ambler, PA  19002

If you have any questions, please send an email to:
Please note that we do not monitor email every day but will get back to you shortly. We are just a few people in a Knitting Circle* who are hoping that we can put a smile on someone’s face by giving them a warm lap blanket along with the knowledge that people care.
Please help us reach our goal. We cannot accomplish this mission without your help.

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