Sunday, October 31, 2010

Each of Us a Jewel by Dean Solon

...with gratitude to Avalokitesvara, Buddha of compassion...
Rumi...ecstatic poet...lover of God and presence of love...mirror.
"you are the unconditioned spirit
trapped in conditions,
the sun in eclipse." sun in eclipse.
each of us a jewel. each of us a sacred jewel.
each of us shining in this world of world of activity and phenomena.
each of us with a gleaming, a glittering, a glowing.
each of us a gem in a sea of gems.
each of us a source of light, a beacon of hope and possibility.
each of us mysterious and surprising.
because each of us and all of us jewels, there is no reason or need to be big-headed---"hey, look at me!";---instead, there is reason to be big-hearted---if each of us a sacred jewel, then each of us may be co-creating sacred space, wherever you walk, wherever you are, and so you may be offering and sharing the light and the warmth...and the present moment sanctifying of time and space.
the inner landscape, the mind's eye,..looking out upon a view, a big view, of sky, of ocean, of mountains and valleys, of towns and cities, of people, so many of us people, all of it---all of this and all of us---streaming and stretching to distant horizons...a big view, a very big view, of sky, of space, light-miles and light-years of space, of solar system, of universe, and cosmos.
you with big eyes to see, with big ears to hear, and to listen, with big hands to touch and to hold and to let go, with big feet to stand and to walk, with big lungs to breathe, with a big heart to much to feel. with a big mind to think and to understand and to live with a possibility, a potentiality, of clarity and wisdom.
each of us a jewel.
each of us a gem glittering in a sea of gems.

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