Thursday, October 28, 2010

The 10 Million Dollar Question

By Elizabeth Venart, Founder & Director of The Resiliency Center, LLC

Learning that the Mega Millions lottery game had reached a peak payout of $191 Million Dollars in May, I bought a ticket. I infrequently play the lottery, and on the rare occasion when I do, it is usually an impulse buy after hearing about the total reaching some astronomical figure. I buy one ticket, and my rationale is, “Someone has to win, and that could be me. It only takes one ticket, so why not?” On the evening of the drawing, I played a favorite game of mine. I call it the “10 Million Dollar Question Game” – although in this case it was the $191 Million Dollar Question. It is a simple game requiring no fancy gameboards, tokens, or equipment. You can play along with me at home. J The game goes like this: “If you learned tonight that you had won $10 Million Dollars (or $191 Million), how would you begin living your life differently tomorrow? What would you be doing differently? How would you spend your time? How would your life look and feel different than it does today?” I love this game, because it really helps me clarify what it is that is most important to me in my life, and whether or not what I am currently doing is in alignment with how I ultimately envision my life. It also helps me unlock possibilities, identify any fear that may be holding me back, and see what new energies and passions I may want to manifest more fully. In my explorations last week, I was happy to see that more than 75% of my life would stay the same – as I truly love my work and relationships and find great meaning and satisfaction in how I am living. What did I change? I decided to create more open space in my schedule and surroundings, more time for creativity and travel, and more opportunities for connection and nurturing of self and others. A personal chef and trainer, weekly massage, an art studio in my home, to name a few of my own specifics. What I love about this game is that, by identifying what it is that I desire, I am closer to creating that change one step at a time. My vision for The Resiliency Center was born and developed through visualization exercises such as this. After a decade of seeing this dream more and more clearly in my mind’s eye, I took the concrete steps forward to make this vision a reality. I am so glad I did! J
I invite you to play the 10 Million Dollar Question game yourselves! With limitless money and the freedom that brings, how will you change your life? What will you create? How will you spend your time? Think BIG! Try to stay with how vast the possibilities can be – and don’t worry about whether or not there is any possibility of moving forward with any of it. Just have fun! I look forward to hearing your insights and dreams.

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