Tuesday, August 17, 2021

A Face of the Moon

by Karen Steinbrecher


Truly, darkness does precede illumination

The stillness and uncertainty of that which is unknown

Is the way to move in to the light

If it is done with trust and love and goodness

It is the path to reach the face of peace and serenity.


You can see the moon and her various faces

if you stop and look and be still.


We cannot see the New moon in her dark shadow,

but believe, this is the beginning,

as in the gestation of a child, a new idea, and a time to be.


Each crescent as she waxes and wanes and glimmers in the silvery light

gradually progresses from the depths of unknowing,

to become in her fullness, an illuminating glow of wholeness.


Unlike the blinding light of the sun, her light is like no other.


As you journey to the center of her being, trust in the depths of her darkness,

and you will reach her beautiful light

to become whole.


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