Friday, April 24, 2020

The Inner Ocean #2

by Dean Solon

"Those who look out to sea become the sea,
and they can't speak about that. On the beach
there's desire singing and rage-ranting,
the elaborate language-dance of personality,
but in the waves and underneath there's no volition,
no hypocrisy, just love forming and unfolding."   (Rumi)

i wonder about everything
i wander around everything

i am in awe of everything.
the wildness in me refuses to submit to anything.
yet i do submit, i do surrender,
because i am a devoted one.
nothing needs to change to my liking...
because i am moved by everything.

i walk the worlds, learning, discerning.
i walk this world, in Astonishment.
no wishes are granted to me,
because i wish for nothing...
nothing besides this one:
that we cease destruction, cease obliteration,
cease the excuse of being triggered as an explanation
for projecting hatred and violence onto the world around us.

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