Saturday, May 9, 2015

Those Who Have Ears by Dean Solon

each day a journey.
each day a walking of the path.
each day a new beginning.
each day an ending with a laying down to rest.
the alpha and the omega.
each day a blasting forth, a blowing through,
of the eternal.
each day an opening to possibility,
an experiencing of the unforeseen.

here, now, at or near the entrance of this new day dawning,
raise your eyes to the big sky above,
so you may be witness to the openness, the spaciousness,
the vastness and expansiveness
of a sky calling you to attention,
suggesting...asking...urging you
to be choosing in each moment of this day's journey:
     will be sleepwalking?
     will i be awake?

the sky is falling?
the sky is calling.
(those who have ears may hear.)

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