Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Delicate Truth by Dean Solon

"what the gods and all reasonable human beings fought in vain wasn't stupidity at all.  it was sheer, wanton, bloody indifference to anybody's interests but their own."  (john le carre, in his most recent novel "A Delicate Truth")

so much trouble in the world.  syria, ukraine, israel and palestinians, iraq, africa.  i hear larry kane saying on the radio this is certainly not the summer of love.

our world a science fiction world, where a human being on the ground fires a surface-to-air missile that hits its target, a jet 33,000 feet above the earth, and destroys the plane and ends the lives of nearly 300 sentient beings.  what are to make of ourselves?  is this the way we want it to be?
a question that reverberates inside me:  "is this the way you, i, want it to be?"

the.Buddha, Jesus, the hebrew prophets, Meher Baba, Krishna, Muhammed, the embodiers of Mother energy wisdom, are saying:  "We care."

and we care.  and so we are to care, about all living beings with whom we are sharing an experience of residing and abiding on the earth-plane.  our hearts are to be open, wide-open, to and with the cries of sorrow and suffering, here, now.  there is no need for explanation, for discussion.  is simply true---if we are not caring, if we are not bleeding tears too, we are not awake, we are not fully alive.

wisdom and compassion are the heart and whole of our being present, of our being witnesses and participants.

wisdomcompassiom the core and crux of all of it, of all of this.

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