Thursday, April 11, 2013

Greetings by Dean Solon

allowing yourself, encouraging yourself, to be sitting quietly and with ease.
allowing the body to be relaxed and open,
your breath natural, your heart easy.

say hi to your self.  say hi to each other.  say hi to me.
say hi to your body.

say hi to sensations...vibrations...perceptions...feelings.
say hi to your active mind, your restless mind.
say hi to your quiet mind.

say hi to your beating heart.
say hi to the ground you are sitting on.  say hi to the earth. 
say hi to gravity's pull.

say hi to spaciousness, to openness, to vastness and expansiveness.
say hi to the big sky above.  say hi to the universe, the multiverse.

say hi to dusk, to twilight, to the sun setting.
say hi to nightfall.

say hi to your heart beating.

say hi to breath.                 say hi to breath.

may you be slowing...may you be, now...
to be feeling the preciousness of this life...your life.

may you be sitting here, slowing and centering,
with present-moment awareness of the sacredness of this life...
the sacredness of your life.

say hi to this moment                 say hi to this moment
                            say hi to THIS moment

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