Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Clearing by Dean Solon

clear the mind.
clear your mind.
the way(s) you have been trained to think;  the way(s) you have been taught to organize---to compartmentalize---your thoughts;  the way(s) you have learned to view the environment inside and outside yourself, the ecology, the earth-plane where you are living and breathing, are moving and being moved;  how does it relate with what is?  how is it connecting you with what is?
is your perceiving of what is have anything, have much of anything, to do with what, really and truly, is?

you brainwashed. 
and you, with clear waters pouring over you and through you, washing your brain, purifying you, renewing you, reawakening you...

closing the eyes, softly, and gently...opening your mind.
feeling, being, the sensitive one you are, being moved and moving...opening your heart.
breathing, breathing in and breathing out...opening your lungs.
listening, attending lightly, your breath rising, your breath falling...opening your big buddha ears.
being quiet, being peaceful, being present, here and now,
being with what is...
being with whatever is...

you as light, in a great spaciousness of light
you as seer and shaman[ess], in a universe/multiverse of innumerable seers and shamans
you as an activity of presence, in a vast expansiveness of activity and presence
you as a jewel, in a sea of jewels, gleaming, glistening, shimmering and shining ever so brightly

you nearly nothing, you almost everything.
white light caressing you, white light cradling you,
white light cascading over you, white light behind you and before you, above you and below you,
white light circling you and surrounding you, protecting you...and cleansing you...and purifying you...and loving you. 

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