Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Closing Eyes by Dean Solon

close your eyes, listen.  feel your heart beating,
your breath rising and falling.  do nothing.

closing eyes gently...
closing eyes gently...
opening heart and mind, spirit and soul, gently.

a sacredness of present moment.
a sacredness of present moment
who and what you are...magical and miraculous.

when all noise diminishes, when all chatter dissipates and all chatter subsides,
what remains, what and who resides and abides?
SomeOne surprising and mysterious,
SomeThing unexpected and unforeseen,
SomeThing beyond belief and beyond description
   and all of this.

simple, beautiful, silent.

the lightness of being.  the openness of being.  the vulnerability of being. 
a day begins, with threads  [connecting], with waiting willing surprises.  and am i open to them?  am i attending, not-attaching, to them?

eyes closed.  heart beating,
breath rising and falling.  doing nothing.

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