Thursday, January 20, 2011

Exploring by Dean Solon

each of us encouraged
to be living a grounded and grounding life
as what is presenting is an earth-plane experience
of no ground, no floor.

each of us is born into THIS.
each of us enters into this which is mysterious and surprising, comes into this which is unexpected and unforeseen...yet somehow familiar.
each of us is born into this,
without a visible road map,
and told to explore.
exploring, it is easy to forget you are exploring.
experimenting, it is easy to forget you are experimenting.
exploring and experimenting, it may be easy to forget, in this world with a nearly infinite possibility of activities, of experiences, of dramas and of within each of us a nearly infinite ocean of possibility.
within you is a world of mystery and surprise, is a world of awe and splendor.  within you is a possibilty of experiencing connection.  within you is who you were as you came into this life, and who you are now:
a being of light and warmth.  a being who is, in your heart of hearts, loving and kind, compassionate and merciful, peaceful and joyful.

exploring and experimenting...holding lightly not tightly...
always awaking into this present moment,
always being born into THIS.

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