Friday, December 11, 2020

The Inner Ocean #7

 By Dean Solon

another episode of the ocean clearing the synapses,
washing clean the stray thought forms that pop up.
the waves bringing the good news:
my head has been emptied 

the excellent practice of witnessing what is present
in the space between thoughts
is rendered nearly obsolete:
where the brain is silenced
there is no space to be filled...
when the brain is silenced 
all there is is the fullness of timeless time...

i am noticing the sun beginning
it’s daily descent into nothingness.
it does so with a big show
of fantastical shifting colors,
of daring drops toward the horizon,
of tricking me into thinking it has gone somewhere
when it is here, always here,
a shining light presence
in the boundlessness of our inner ocean worlds.

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