Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Separation by Dean Solon

of course.  this is a presenting opportunity for practice, to be living this moment, not knowing what is to be and will be in a next moment, heart beating, heart fluttering, heart opening and heart not-opening, choosing a co-creating of experiencing, of being, here, as i'm here, while i'm here, in this precious moment, this sacred moment, this breathing moment.
each and every moment curiouser,
each and every experience curiouser,
each and every breath curiouser and curiouser.

as the thinning of separation between sleeping and being awake, between dreaming and not-dreaming,
so a thinning of separation
between the practical and the spiritual,
between the profane and the sacred,
between the ground and the sky,
between the shoreline and the most distant horizon.

a seeming separation between judaism and christianity,
a seeming separation between one breath and another breath,
a seeming separation between one thought and another thought,
a seeming separation between human beings,
a seeming separation between the glittering of gold and the glowing of love,
a seeming separation of life and death,
a seeming separation of me and You.

all of this activity, all of this phenomena...
seeming separations.

all of this.

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