Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In The Loop by Dean Solon

sitting...with the web.

with a web, extending outwards into the furthermost reaches of the Great Big Sky universe.  with a thread, connecting all expression and forms of the cosmos, gossamer-like lattice linking everything and every one.

each of us a piece, a portal, a presence.  each of us tuning in and tuned in.  each of us in the mix, each in the flow, each of us in the loop.  the web, a thread connecting, linking, all that is...as Mind, as Consciousness, as White Light, as Sensitivity, as Being.

seeing it, feeling it, being it, now.  present-moment alertness and awareness of the web---THIS web of being---now.

being awake to and with and as the web not-limiting to some future moment or to some distant lifetime;  seeing this, feeling this, being this...now.

space-time continuum, as the nearly infinite rays of the sun, unfolding, converging, presenting, here, now.

you in the flow, you in the loop.  you are the flow, you are the loop.  you are the web, you are the thread.  you are a piece, a portal, a presence.

you a presence in a vast, expansive and expanding, nearly-infinite ocean of Presence.

sitting, some indeterminate time later, with a vow of intention:
     "As long as space endures
      As long as sentient beings remain
      May i too abide
      And dispel the miseries of the world"

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