Friday, December 24, 2010

'Twas The Night Before Christmas by Dean Solon

life as sacred.  living as sacred.  breathing as sacred.  feeling as sacred.  experiencing as sacred.  consciousness as sacred.  meditation as  sacred.  participation and activity as sacred.  communication as sacred.  work as sacred.  play as sacred.  the profane, as sacred.  the sacred, as sacred.

the mountains and the valleys, the rivers and streams...sacred.  the oceans and the deserts...sacred.  the trees and the grass and the flowers...sacred.  the animals who share the planet with us human animals...sacred.  the water we drink and the food we eat...sacred.  the sky above and the ground beneath our feet...sacred.

christmas...sacred.  Jesus, and His Mother, Mary...sacred.  christianity...sacred.  judaism, from which christianity was born...sacred.  islam, which was preceded by judaism and christianity and which gives great respect to Jesus and to the Prophets before Him...sacred.
all the wisdom traditions...sacred.

the caves and the cities...sacred.

all of the planets and stars in all of the near-infinitude of space...sacred.


each and every being who is living now, who has lived in the past, and who will live in the future, each and every being who is loving now, who has loved in the past, and who will love in the future...sacred.

may the holiday season be happy, safe, and sacred.
may the holidays be holy days.         

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  1. Thank you, Dean, for this beautiful writing. I am breathing more deeply now, nourished by your sweet words and sharing.